I would drink her until my vision is blurry and my friends take away my keys.
― Rudy Francisco, A Lot Like You (via alotlikeyouu)

whenever I’m traveling I always get tripped out at the fact that this is someone’s actual hometown like they know every back road and how to get everywhere and they’ve probably had tons of memories in this city

but I’m just someone passing by

- Unknown
― (via famousestquotes)
Sleepless in Slovenia

Because im living on a budget I decided to make a wise decision to sleep outside the train station in Austria (Because they closed it). Not remembering that I packed my entire summer attire and nothing more. But eventually around 8am I arrived here in Maribor Slovenia, beautiful as ever. So much street art here. Deffs a place with some major history. 
Next stop, Croatia!

The country count continues;

Hey guys! Haven’t had a lot of Internet so I thought I’d update. I flew into Germany last week and backpacked to a festival. Eventually making my way over to Austria, next stop Slovenia! The country and the people who inhabit it have been nothing but kind and beautiful to me.